Commercial and Executive Jet


DPMFX Locations has teamed up with RJR Props to bring you three configurable airplane interiors as well as a commercial cockpit complete with galley and two working doors on site available for rental!

The Executive Jet

The executive jet's interior is fully modern and lush with teak wood cabinetry and leather seating.

 The executive jet was heavily featured in the Lil Baby music video "First Class" and the major motion picture "Super Fly"

 The executive jet interior is built out on a rolling platform so it can easily be moved around and configured to fit your shooting needs. 

737 Commercial Jet Interior


The commercial plane’s interior can be configured multiple ways, with four different sections that can be moved on casters to suit your shooting needs, as anything from a small plane to a wide body.

There are (4) 10' sections, all can be expanded to widen the plane or shot. The parts can be configured in multiple ways:

  •  2 Sections on the left, and 2 sections on the right of the Airplane giving you 20' to film.
  • 3 sections on the left and 1 on the right giving you 30' to film.
  • 4 sections on 1 side of the airplane giving you 40' to film.