We have a large collection of "smalls" because you can never have too many  tchotchke's for fleshing out your production.  Follow the link to see a small sample of our inventory. 

**This represents only about 20% of our inventory please come bu the prop house to see the full inventory.**

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Welcome to DPMFX Props


DPMFX is a fully licensed and insured Special Effects company with more than 30 years in the business but we also have an extensively stocked set dec and prop rental facility onsite specializing in hard to find period setdec and props. Onsite 150,000 square foot millwork shop with a large bed CNC router gives us the ability to build custom sets and pieces for your production.

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Picture Cars

We have a small fleet of avaliable picture cars, from beautifly restored classic autos to more modern cars and trucks and even tractors!

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We have a variety of furniture from lamps and tables to couches and chairs! 

Vintage to modern

Pictures coming soon!


Decorating for a party theme? We have everything needed to decorate the set from a tiki party to an elegant black and white affair.

Let us know what you are searching for and we may have it at one of our other storage locations. 

Pictures coming soon!

Electronics and residential/commercial kitchen

We have a large selection of classic electronics (VCR's and Turntables baby!)

As well as everything you need to setup a full resturaunt interior or a residential kitchen. ( You should see how many crock pots we have!)

Pictures coming soon!